Newfoundland Floral Design

Blog by Kristyna Adamova.

Why I love What I do! Why I do what I love!

I can talk about why I became a florist and go way back when I was six years old. But let’s leave that for another day. I just need to tell you about Newfoundland. The place I saw on tv commercials when I was living back in Ontario and I always told to myself I needed to visit. And then stuff just happened and I was offered a job here in St. John’s. A beautiful flower shop in downtown offered me a dream job to be their principal designer. I was invited to come up for a few days to see if it was a good fit and I just knew immediately that it was a one-way ticket for me. And yes, this place has rough winter when you lose a power for few days and people are riding snowmobiles through the streets downtown. But that was back then, and I really didn’t mind. In fact, I loved it. I just fell in love with this place and its people. I would hike on a Signal Hill after work and I could see the whales from the top. Breathtaking and spectacular.

It’s the people of Newfoundland who helped me to fall in love with this place. The generosity, open doors and open minds. The music that is so deeply rooted in everyday culture. The mentality and the food. I knew I was home very shortly after I got here. Some people say Newfoundland is one foot in Europe and one foot in North America and I think it’s true. It’s going to be 8 years this fall when Newfoundland became my forever home and I have found true love since then and I have beautiful family and my healthy baby girl Sofia is just so cute.

But, let’s go back to what I really want to talk about. Newfoundland and its unique natural beauty is breathtaking and should be protected. I hope to influence more people that are similar minded. You need to see my work to understand. I go through the woods and I collect what I think is beautiful. I also pick what I know is ugly. One bag for the treasures and one bag for the trash. What I do with the natural jewels I pick in the woods surrounding the city is what I am known for to my loyal customers.  And the garbage I can dispose of properly of recycle back at home. Oh yes, 5 cents for each beer bottle at the green depo is just great.

“Picking” is not a new hobby of mine. I have always done it. Back home in Czech Republic I picked mushrooms with my family and that might be how it all started. I knew mushrooms very well back home and I trusted my knowledge. I am not as familiar with the mushrooms that grow here, so if I see some I just admire them and leave them alone. What I pick and use in my designs is different funky looking pieces of wood and roots and moss and pinecones and I can just go on and on. It’s interesting how this works both ways. When my clients see this unique piece in their arrangement, they ‘’know’’ and they get it. And they love it. And they talk about it and I know this all helps. Because why do we need to import desert branches (also called Manzanita trees) when it’s literally like bringing a wood into a forest. And we florists do import a lot of stuff from

far away. We have to do it here in Newfoundland. It’s so hard to grow flowers when winter is so long and spring weather unpredictable. But do we really have to bring everything in? I believe not and I am here to show you why and how.

Did you know that the beautiful BC Cedar that’s in your door wreath and Christmas arrangement is imported all the way from British Columbia. I know it doesn’t grow here and it’s pretty. I love it, and I do use a little bit in my work as well. But, I do get greenery sourced locally when I do Christmas designs. The local greenery is so clean, so pretty and so FRESH! It didn’t spend hours on trucks going from the West Coast if Canada to East Coast like the poor Cedar did. So, help me stop this madness and pay attention to what you buy. The future is either going to be green or not at all”

Now is probably a good time to tell you my nickname. The one I was given  the first week I moved to Newfoundland: “Woodsy.” Yes I love the woods. And that’s what I wish to protect and clean for the future generations. So, next time you get an arrangement I created, and you love it but notice that it’s kind of different. You will know it has something from the deep woods of Newfoundland and from my heart.

Soon when my website is completed, and I will be adding videos too my blog I will show you around. I will take Eddy my puppy dog and I will take you with us out through the woods when we go picking. You will see how it’s done. We will show you the secrets, not all dirty, but more so green.  You will see that when picking, I am constantly on the move. That way I just pick a little and go on to another spot. If I was to get a little greedy and wanted to get more greenery or whatever I am foraging from one spot, Eddy will remind me to keep moving and will start to cry.

Foraging is a big part of my life and neither snow nor rain will not stop me. I know that Flowers accented with handpicked pieces I have freshly foraged myself are ‘’IT.’’ That’s what I do that’s who I am and it’s my life that brightens someone else’s life and it’s deep just like the woods.

With love,